12 Perfect Hidden Room Design Ideas To Keep Your Secret

This is A Great Hidden Room Design you will like it. Everyone must have a secret, but what about the house with a secret room? Of course, this is seen in many mystery films or action. It turns out that Creative Home Engineering can realize your dream to be able to have a hidden room in the house through a door that is certainly not unexpected. Here are some display doors and secret rooms that make your home filled with mystery and feel more pleasant.

And maybe you also have the desire to have a secret room at home? Each secret room must also have an entrance or a hidden door to go to the secret room. Usually, hidden doors lead to different secret rooms.

Hidden doors with secret rooms can be conventionally divided into rooms where they are. Most can be in the form of a living room, a library with a kitchen. The most secret place is mostly behind cabinets and fake walls. There are various ways to build a secret room. Like a bookshelf. Here is another example of Hidden Room Design Ideas

Incredible Secret Room Design Ideas
Incredible Secret Room Design Ideas

This bookshelf made of wood fits perfectly into a home library with a vintage interior. Various kinds of ornamental details such as carvings or various kinds of statues are placed in it. Although it looks like a bookshelf in general, there is a hidden space behind the bookshelf. Yep! The weapons hiding place is behind this shelf. Through the secret key around the shelf, the door of the bookshelf is wide open so that people can enter the room inside.

And you can also easily change your living room to be more attractive and functional by creating hidden makeup rooms, emergency rooms and so on. Well, hopefully, this article is useful for you to have a secret room that you can put in one of the rooms in your home, living room, under the stairs, under the floor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

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