8 Simple DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves To Make Perfect Organization

DIY kitchen wall shelves will always make your kitchen look more perfect and well organized. An untidy kitchen will make you get bored quickly and don’t even like it so you won’t feel at home in the kitchen. The main thing in the kitchen is about storage. Make storage in the kitchen should you need to take into account in order to be well ordered. Many storage ideas that you can apply to your home kitchen. Starting from storage with cabinets, wall shelves, or floating storage.

Some of the ideas below will inspire you to create a minimalist and simple rack for your kitchen. That way, the kitchen can be arranged neatly and pleasantly.

The Following Are Simple DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves To Make Perfect Organization

#1 DIY Corner Shelves Ideas

This is a storage rack design that you can put on the corner of the kitchen wall. So as to maximize the existence of a small place. This can be your solution in organizing the kitchen to be cooler in a limited space. So you can use the corners of the room to then make a shelf.

Corner Floating Shelves Ideas
Many things you can put on this kitchen shelf, ranging from equipment to some ornamental plants. In addition, cookbooks can also be displayed here.

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Beautiful Kitchen With Corner Shelves Ideas
Use a minimalist shelf on the corner of the kitchen wall so it is not empty. Make storage using rustic-style wood like this, so it will look more impressive.

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#2 DIY Wood Shelves Ideas

It uses material from wood to make it more sturdy and make it more attractive. That way you can store a lot of items in this type of storage.

Best Corner Wall Shelves Ideas
Wooden shelves are not always synonymous with the concept of rural style. Many modern kitchens also apply this style to make it more cool and attractive.

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Best DIY Open Shelving Ideas
The kitchen will seem more perfect if you make sturdy storage like this. So there is no need to worry anymore, with a heavy burden will make this shelf collapse.

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Popular Kitchen Wood Shelves Ideas
You can apply with models like this. Like the stairs in the house, it’s just that you use it as a storage rack in the kitchen, so it looks more attractive.

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#3 White Kitchen Shelves Design

Simple Minimalist Kitchen Shelves Ideas
The style of the kitchen wall shelves in white will make the kitchen brighter and impressive. This design will make the kitchen more comfortable and impressive.

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White Kitchen Corner Shelves Ideas
Use a wall shelf that you can put in the corner of the house with a cooler white color. This wall shelf will make the kitchen look more simple and minimalist.

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Best DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves Ideas
Use a minimalist rack model like this that will make your kitchen more comfortable. Small or large kitchen, will be suitable for the application of this wall shelf. You can put some kitchen equipment to accessories and decorations that can add to the impression of the kitchen to be more attractive.

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Hopefully, this idea can be an inspiration for you. Happy creation.

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